For our English speaking customers

Dear Customers, dear Friends and Fans of „Dorfladen St. Peter-Pagig“,

The statistic shows us a huge number of English speaking visitors on our site. Thank you so much for visiting us and for your sympathy.

The upcoming “Dorfladen-Zeitung”  is publishing breaking news. Take a look HERE. We want you to take knowledge and kindly ask for your understanding.

The “Dorfladen St. Peter-Pagig” has been written “red numbers” all over the years. We started the “VIP Kunden-Konzept” (VIP Customer-Concept) a couple of month ago but without success.

And than – out of nowhere – there was a very exciting job offer suddenly…

At the age of 47 you don’t have to think twice about a decision. I will take the new chance of course. You will understand hopefully.

What’s bothering is only 153 “Likes” on Facebook within more than four years. It’s very disappointing. But it represents the customer frequency in a way: 50 customers a day between low season and plus/minus 150 customers in the high season – but that’s definitely too little to survive. Remember: We don’t sell cars or colour TV’s, we sell goods of the daily use.

As already mentioned, it didn’t take me a long time to make a decision. Even though my employees and I put a bunch of heart blood into our business, it’s about highest time for a good change. And yes, giving up a “heart thing” hurts as well very much…

But I think this job offer came to me exactly at the right time and I am convinced that it was the best decision, I could ever have made.

However, I do hope substitutes will be found to keep the “Lädali” in St. Peter-Pagig alive. It will be difficult but nothing is impossible.

So we will be there for our trusty customers approximately until April, 25th 2015. That will be the last day of sale. Until than keep on buying in the “Dorfladen St. Peter-Pagig” please.

Anyway, thank you so very much for supporting us all over the years. Let’s rock the forthcoming winter season together! Cheers!

With love,